5 …4…3…2…1…Happy New Blog!

We’re kicking off our new year with new content. First, we’re starting with a blog. As a part of “helping people get the most out of their workday”, our goal is to share our expertise with members of the MPAY Network and MPAY Community. We want to connect with like-minded business people who are looking to get the most out of their workday.

Starting a blog is only the first step in our marketing team’s New Year resolution. In 2014, we hope to not only provide MORE content (like utilizing the blog), but also BETTER content (rewriting our website). The year 2013 became the year all about content. Ever-evolving ranking algorithms are no longer focusing on keywords (the “key to SEO”). Search Engine Optimization is now directly correlated with producing great content.

No matter what business you’re in, “content marketing” should be a priority. The ability to communicate effectively to existing and potential customers will continue to play a large role in attracting and retaining customers. Not only have the algorithms changed, but so has the buyer’s decision making process. Buyers today complete the majority of their decision making process before they speak to anyone within your company. Technology has changed the way we gather information. For that reason, buyers receive information when it’s convenient for them and have less tolerance for interruption. Gone are the days of telemarketing calls during dinner time.

Today’s buyers are more likely to reactive positively to “inbound marketing”. “Inbound marketing” is a synonymous term coined by Seth Godin. Godin argues that marketers no longer have the power to command the attention of buyers. Instead, utilizing forms of content marketing like blogs, video, whitepapers, etc. can bring customers in to learn more- establishing a connection.

MPAY’s Marketing Team has been learning more about inbound marketing since becoming users of HubSpot’s marketing software. Our blog, website, landing pages, and more are hosted on this platform. We’ve seen great success utilizing the system and implementing some of the strategies that they recommend. Not only has this benefitted MPAY, but more importantly, it has benefitted the MPAY Network. In the summer of 2013, we began offering customized landing pages to our licensees. Through our online payroll platform, Payentry.com, we have created marketing links so our licensees can market other services (like Time & Labor Management with Clockentry, Workers’ Compensation, and FSA and COBRA Administration) to their current client base. These links are connected to custom landing pages that we host through HubSpot, which help collect information from customers that are interested in additional products and services. Too often, businesses lose customers to the competition for a product or service that the customer didn’t realize their current provider offered. In this case, the information is presented to the customer, but the customer decides how or if they will react. Annoying pop-ups are not the way to sell additional services.

We’re excited about other inbound marketing strategies we are planning for 2014. Most importantly, we’re ecstatic to share these methods with members of the MPAY Network (and those who are interested in joining). Learn more about the MPAY Network and licensing our products or the MPAY Community (users of our products) at www.mpay.com.

We hope you’ll follow us on our blogging journey as we talk more about content marketing, but mostly about solutions that help employers manage their most important asset- human capital.



Amy Robertson

From her office in Roanoke, VA, Amy manages “all things marketing” for MPAY. Despite her childhood dream of becoming a teacher, she found herself in payroll software after college. Over 10 years later, she still enjoys the challenge of ever-changing technology and the occasional opportunity to draw on the whiteboard.