Additional changes and delays in the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions under the Affordable Care Act were announced yesterday. Staying in compliance and keeping up to date on changes in payroll, taxes, and human resources has always been a challenge for small businesses. Adding new complexities like the Employer Shared Responsibility certainly make it easier for payroll giants and human resource outsourcing organizations to use the old “fear, uncertainty and doubt” (FUD) tactics.

The truth is, working with a trusted advisor and staying informed is the best strategy an employer can put into place. Payroll Service Bureaus and the companies that support their software platforms spend countless hours researching and updating their systems to ensure customers’ needs are met. Service providers should be focused on the low-hanging fruit that is often overlooked- communication. Keeping customers informed helps build trust and better relationships.

One of the most reliable sources for information for Service Providers and employers is the IRS. Answers to questions about what the provisions are, when they go into effect, which employers are subject, identification of full-time employees, and more can be found on Here’s an article I found particularly helpful:

It’s not just about communicating, however. Having the right systems in place to manage change is equally as important. Tracking full-time or part-time status, variable hour, seasonal, and individual mandate exemption are important pieces of data affecting these provisions. Some payroll and human capital management systems have made recent updates to help manage the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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Amy Robertson

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